as the Rogue Tailor

A few months back I had a wonderful opportunity to work on a range of re-constructed clothing for the local menswear store, as a part of our local Junction Arts Festival.

I had complete creative freedom on the project; to do what I liked with the store's fabric scraps and decades worth of deadstock. During the week of the festival I set up a little makeshift tailor's studio in the shop window to sell my wares and chat with customers.

Below are some photos of the event, taken by the lovely Mel De Ruyter, and here you can listen to a Radio National interview with me about the project.

I particularly enjoyed making the cycle-style tweed caps, and the bow ties from tailor's room off-cuts. I also featured men's ties and shirt cuffs on women's blouses, and made some 'soda jerk' caps for the Junction crew (see last photo).