The Tailor's Room

I want to show you some snippets from my current workplace, the tailor's room. Earlier in the year I struck up a deal with a local menswear store -  I'd volunteer my time doing alterations in their tailor's room; in return I might gain some extra skills and learn a thing or two about menswear and fabrics.

I get to work in this wonderful old space, surrounded by old sewing machines, alongside a little old Italian tailor who has been working here for over 40 years.

The menswear store is a bit of an institution in this town. It's right in the centre of town, housed an old theatre building, which had it's heyday in the 20s. Most locals have fond memories of being taken to the store and its cafe as a child. They still even stock a handful of Australian-made brands, including beautiful sports coats made from genuine Scottish tweed.

Recently that tailor decided to retire and I've taken his place. We only do alterations now, so I can handle that. The old fella gave me his old thimble, saying "he made lot-a stitches that one" as he pointed out the neat row of tiny holes, where needles had knocked against it repetitively for over 60 years.